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Where would Arnold be today without AEDC and LB840?

"The AEDC and the LB840 1% city sales tax have helped a lot of businesses in this town. I would not have my nice 'Dog House'! Some improvements downtown would not have happened. We would not have a leather repair shop or gun smith without the 1% sales tax. Where do I stop? They have helped out a lot."

—Sally Hilderbrant, owner of Sal's Dog Grooming

Recent LB840 Business Success Stories


  • Sandhills Classic Arms, Inc.

    The husband and wife team of Jeff and Debbie Bowers established a new business in Arnold in March of last year, with help from an Arnold Economic Development Corporation LB840 Loan. Sandhills Classic Arms, Inc., loacated at 503 Cedar Street, provides guns smithing services and is a licensed manufacture dealer. The couple said the closest business with the same services is 80 miles away, and their customer base is from all over the U.S.A.   Read More...

  • Mills Hardware

    Terry and Dena Mills began Mills Hardware and Feed back in October of 1996. Their business, located at 103 East Arnold Ave., consists of the main hardware store, feed and lumber, and also a successful lawn spraying business. They serve an approximate 60-mile radius, bringing many people from other towns to Arnold.   Read More...

  • A-1 Auto Repair, Inc.

    Growing Great Things In Arnold Continues! A-1 Auto Repair, Inc. received a business loan and grant from the Arnold LB840 sales tax program to expand their services and to reduce the customer wait period.  Josh Bernt is the owner of A-1 Auto Repair, Inc.   Read More...

  • Sal's Dog Grooming

    Through word of mouth, business is booming for Sally Hilderbrant, as she started Sal's Dog Grooming from her rural home, southeast of Arnold. When money was needed to build a new facility, she turned to the Arnold Economic Development Corporation for a business loan. "It was very important that the LB840 funds were available through the AEDC.   Read More...

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