Photo courtesy of Garald Horst


AEDC Loan Program

Our loan program is here to assist new or existing business owners. Your business may need training, a new building, new windows, signage, or a new software program. Our business loans cover a wide area of items you may need to start up a new business or expand or retain for business. Our loans have a low interest rate, lower than the banks. There are grants available for qualifying loans. 

Who can apply for a business loan?

Arnold Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) has two types of loan funds and a grant fund available for businesses within the the village or the Arnold school district. The loan/grant may be for the following:

  1. The purchase or lease of real estate
  2. New construction or remodel
  3. Purchase fixed assets
  4. Use as working capital
  5. Public works improvements essential to the location or expansion of a qualifying business
  6. Expenses for locating a qualifying business into the area or an existing business to a more suitable location
  7. Job creation
  8. Technical assistance such as marketing assistance, management counseling, preparing business plans,engineering assistance, etc.
  9. Job training 
  10. Tourism-related activities
  11. Projects which enhance the development of downtown Arnold

There is a application fee of $65.00 when the application is submitted to the AEDC director at the AEDC office. Contact the director at (308) 848-2211. Please feel free to download the guidelines and application from the website to review, but always contact the director when you are ready to submit and review your application at an appointment.